Tour de Planet - move for climate

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Tour de Planet? What is it?

The Tour de Planet is a joint global movement! In the literal meaning of the word!

Because we move: by bicycle, on foot, on roller skates, on horseback .......... and with fun and enthusiasm we set a CO2 free sign: 

Kilometres for climate justice!

 A moving movement of movements!

The DIGITAL Tour de Planet

How can we continue to move for climate justice in times of COVID 19 and reasonable initial restrictions?

DIGITAL on the web!  Until we are allowed to move outside again!

We are in solidarity, learn from each other, form a community and network.

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We learn from each other, network with each other, form a community and together we live and experience sustainability.

Participate: no matter how old you are, where you live or how much time you have.

Join in! Here you can find out how. Plan your own tours and activities.

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What exactly is Tour de Planet?

The Tour de Planet is a movement working for climate justice, social justice and peace.

As a moving movement of movements, it connects:

people of all continents and all existing climate and justice movements in one action. 

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What awaits you?


Encounters with people who feel as you do and who also want to improve the world. Meetings with various climate, peace and justice movements.


A travel community of people who seek happiness in contact with like-minded people, far away from possessions and consumption, who appreciate traveling together and cleanly in nature and who share a great common goal: Climate justice, social justice and peace - Now!

Learning from each other:

Communicating the scientific knowledge about the climate crisis and facts about grievances in the world to people who do not yet know so much about it. Learning from other people participating in the Tour de Planet and from people we meet along the way.


Slow, emission-free travel in harmony with nature, with or without camping. Traveling with a sense of responsibility for each other, our world and our future.