Tour de Planet - move for climate

What exactly is Tour de Planet?

What was and is the idea behind the Tour de Planet?

What was and is the idea behind the Tour de Planet? The basic idea of the Tour de Planet was and is to start a global, people-uniting action for climate justice, social justice and peace.  

Therefore, we want to travel emission-free - by bike, on foot, on horseback or on roller skates - and talk to people about climate justice, learn from each other and pass on scientific knowledge about the climate crisis and injustices in the world through talks and various actions.

In times of Corona we will be responsible with social distancing and following the advice of scientists we will only travel alone - but we will move even closer together on the Internet on the Digital Tour de Planet.

The Tour de Planet is a movement

The Tour de Planet is a movement working for climate justice, social justice and peace. As a moving movement of movements, it connects people from all continents and all existing climate and justice movements in one action. The Tour de Planet is a bicycle tour/hiking/walking ride/etc. over thousands of kilometres on all continents. And in times of Corona we move DIGITAL.


The existing commitment of individual groups and projects for more climate justice, social justice and peace should be made visible and can be experienced. So we want to visit places and actions on the journey, where or through which much is already happening. In this way we want to draw attention to alternative options for action and encourage new commitment. At the same time, however, we also want to show at which points intensive efforts and political decisions are still necessary and how we can influence them.

The total of the kilometers collected worldwide will be presented to the heads of government of the 193 countries involved at the 26th UN Climate Summit in Glasgow. As soon as a concrete replacement date has been set and we are allowed to travel again, we will start our journey there. In this way, we will set an statement and demand a policy that finally takes the scientific knowledge of the climate crisis and all the associated injustices seriously and acts accordingly.

On our map above you can see the route that ends in Glasgow, as we had initially planned. We will probably change it slightly as soon as we get started. It will then be based on current actions. If you are not from Europe, a capital or a significant place on your continent may be symbolic of Glasgow and the destination of the journey. 

As soon as it is possible again

As soon as it is possible again, different groups will set off for Glasgow / a symbolic Glasgow and move through different cities along the routes. The groups will stop there, regenerate and be active. In the calendar (calendar to follow...) you can check when and how long the Tour de Planet will be in each city on the Krakow-Glasgow route and what activities are planned on site. There you can join a group, network with people from different movements and participate in actions. Along the route you will also talk to local politicians in smaller towns and villages, draw people's attention to the climate crisis and the Tour de Planet, collect signatures and take photos. Furthermore, by participating you will motivate others to travel slowly and climate-friendly in close contact with nature and in the company of interesting and influential people. Furthermore you are physically active:)

The Krakow-Glasgow route is difficult for you to reach, you can't join the group at the times indicated or you want to plan your very own tour?

Then plan your own route using our interactive map (map coming up soon...) to form a network of displayed routes. All these routes can be linked to each other and thus connected to Glasgow. You are responsible for your own route. We'll give you a little guide to help you think about what you need to do to make your own Tour de Planet run smoothly.

We look forward to you becoming part of the Tour de Planet and making the world a better place with us!